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I moved my house and too many boxes last week, using my back not my legs, and finally my lower back on the right side seized and I couldn't move. I looked online, and found Dante. Although I showed up for the massage for relief, not a miracle, when I woke up the next morning, my pain was 90% gone. Dante works miracles with his various modes of massage, and gives his entire attention to the session to bring you what you came in for. I have already booked my next massage, and look forward to working through my physical issues for further healing with Dante.

Lu E

I have been seeing Dante for almost 1 year now.  I look forward to our weekly sessions because when I leave him, my body feels absolutely rejuvenated.  I had never had a massage by a male therapist before and will admit that I was apprehensive.  WIthin the first few minutes all apprehension was gone.  I was completely at ease and did not feel uncomfortable in any way.  I have been getting massage for many years and I will freely say that Dante's techniques are amazing.  Through massage, stretching and breathing I walk out of our sessions feeling lighter and the tension that I carry in my shoulders, neck and back virtually melt away.  Unfortunately for me, I now feel it is a waste of my time & money to see anyone else.


Being a Registered Nurse I know the benefits of massage and have them often. I have been receiving massages for over 25 years and Dante is second to none! I was so impressed with his skill and professionalism that I have gone to him exclusively for 4 years.

Mimi Innes

Dante definitely is the best masseuse I've had in Santa Barbara to date. His bodyworks style is not your average Swedish massage.  Forget the gentle rubbing that does nothing to target the muscular knots of tension that are the cause of pain.  Dante really goes after every single knot in your body and puts enough pressure on it to force the knot to unravel. AMAZING. I would recommend this to athletes who need someone to really help them with their flexibility and to unwind those overworked muscles that just won't relax even with a foam roller.  I'd also recommend this type of massage to people who work in cubicles all day typing on their computers and to enhance chiropractic care.

Lan Le

Dante is an expert in his trade. Well educated as well. I highly recommend him. I am also a lmt and can be very picky about bodywork that I receive. I will Definatly be receiving more massages from Dante.

Jamie Sprovieri 

Dante was professional, friendly, and provided outstanding service.

Victor Velazquez

He is amazing! I always feel very comfortable with him and he really works deep into the muscle and bones. Excellent!


Look NO further...

I moved to SB this past fall and I have had a some poor and just Ok massages. Finally I have found someone that rates the yelp "WooHoo! As good as it Gets" rating.  And if there was someway to have bells and whistles added to my review I would do it for Dante.  Dante is very unique in how he employs fascial release, neuromuscular reeducation, craniosacral adjustment, and breath work  with the aim to restore balance to body systems, improving motion (YES!) , sense of well being (YES), and more (Yes).

- FYI -You as the client are at times an active participant.  But it is well worth it.   

Bravo Dante

Karen Tyrrell 

  "REALLY great and unusual massage. This type of massage helped my sore muscles much more than traditional massage. Highly recommend Dante & his neuro-skeletal massage!"

Jane Brown

"Dante is fabulous. He was able to resolve a neck pain that I had been experiencing for some time. In addition to be a great massage therapist, he is a super nice person. I wish him great success in the new year."

Jean Leggitt

"This was a very different massage from those I've had before - it was very active, with lots of coordinated breathing and movement to help release tension. I'd never been in a massage before where the masseur made me laugh! I really liked that I was actively involved, and I would definitely consider going to Dante again.

Lauren Woodward



“Don't miss the spa...”
5 of 5 starsReviewed October 24, 2009

This was my third visit and since I had not tried their spa services before I thought I would give it a try. I popped in around 1:30pm without a reservation and asked if they could fit me in. They cheerfully called Dante on the phone (he lives in Santa Barbara and has to normally be booked in advance!). Luckily for me at 2:00 Dante arrived at the spa and was able to accommodate me. Being a frequent spa visitor, living in Scottsdale, I am rather spoiled, so when they said that Dante was a good masseuse, I was crossing my fingers. 
Fortunately, Dante knows a thing or two about massage. He was excellent and could certainly teach other therapists in Scottsdale alot! If you are traveling to Alisal pick up the phone NOW and prebook a massage with Dante. It will be the icing on the cake of your guest ranch visit.

  • Stayed October 2009, traveled on business


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